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Building A Block

I did hear a lot about Human Resource Management and learnt some of the important details only during the board exam (like most of them do). It was one of the easiest subjects theoretically, simple to find the issues, problems and challenges of HR and even more effortless to find the way out for its problems and challenges.

Getting right people for the company is as tough like getting right people to marry. Both of them are about spending a long journey together successfully along with a lot of ups and downs. Company prefers people who could complete it absolutely. Startups have less knowledge on the administration and job delegation but have great motives. The startups needs more experienced hands to help them but can hardly find even the fresher.

For a nation like us, it is even tough to find the right match for a startup. Practically, what we actually came to know is, HR these days is also about managing the perception of people. People have started  perceiving their job responsibilities as a money builder rather than knowledge builder. A lot of Nepalese youth migrate to foreign nations in search of better opportunities and have lesser dreams to stay in their own country. The family orientation of most of the youth in Nepal is not entrepreneurial and is not brought up to take risk and play a long game. People want to join such organization where they could easily make money and has a huge name and fame in the community they live. The youth in Nepal are not grown to cope with the growing trend of startup. They want to be more secured, avoid the organization that has more risk and challenges to deal with. They have built their perceptions towards work and organization in such way that they actually do not want to experiment and learn new things.  Most of them are opting to foreign countries and those who don’t leave the nation is either opting for Government Jobs or Corporate Jobs. Very less youth wants to join a startup and help grow a company together. What motivates our young generation for a job? The answer is obvious stability, money and a well sufficed office. These are all that startup’s can’t afford. But startup can be more motivating, learning and a joyful experience. The biggest growth any employee can gain is when the companies are into trouble and that’s an obvious case with the startups leaning towards growth. The startup’s can take an employee a further mile by helping them connect ideas and believing that dreams do get true. It will challenge an employee and help them build strong. The employees can evolve its inner potential with the startup and regenerate their energy to build a better version of themselves.  No doubt, we had hurdles for getting right people to complete this team and we are not complete yet!

Since FOPI is an utterly a start-up company, it’s been one of the challenging job for us to find that right group of people that could build and complete us. Raising people’s salary time and again has been the easiest way for many companies to keep their employees for a longer period where as we were on zero. All we could offer to our team was way lesser than what market was offering. We didn’t have name and fame neither huge corporate infrastructure. As time passes by, what we came to realize that we should look over the people who has positive attitude towards growth in terms of level of understanding, skills, experiences and knowledge rather than monetary assessment. We are focuing to those who likes to join us with the similar vision that we have been developing, to those who believes in our mission and be a part of this journey to achieve what we have been dreaming of.
Thus, what all we have been offering them is the platform where they can learn, engage, explore and evolve themselves. We have started everything from zero to reach numbers of number. From company’s values to company’s fame, from eager to learn people to well-experienced people, we have been building a block.

One by One

Day by Day   

Representing Team Fopi


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